Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Games September 14-16


September 14-16

 UNC #1 vs. ODU #8 GAME

The first two weeks of games in Division Field Hockey have been very exciting. Upset after upset, it is hard to have a clear-cut #1 thus far. The always strong, University of North Carolina currently holds the #1 spot. They will be tested this weekend by an old Field Hockey rival, Old Dominion University. Every time these two teams play each other it is always a hard fought game to the finish. They are two of the most historic Field Hockey programs in Division I and will battling this weekend on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14th at 6pm, and is going to be broadcasted live on!


The game is being held at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and is the Heels' Home Opener.  To tune in check out to check out the live coverage and commentary!

*NFHD = National Field Hockey Day Contests

Sept. 14 : Maryland #4 vs. #18 Boston College
- Sept. 14 : #2 Syrcause vs. Villanova

- Sept. 14 : Iowa #14 vs. Albany #20

- Sept. 15: Princeton #2 vs. Dartmouth * NFHD*

- Sept. 15: UConn #5 vs. Rutgers *NFHD*

- Sept. 15: University of Virginia #9 vs. Miami of Ohio *NFHD*

- Sept. 16 : University of Michigan#16 vs. #23 Fairfield

- Sept. 16: Duke #17 vs. Richmond #25

- Sept. 16: Wake Forrest University #13 vs. University of North Carolina #1

September 15th is National Field Hockey Day. What is your team doing? Send us a picture of your team attending one of the spotlight games, putting on a clinic, of celebrating Field Hockey and your team could win a HARROW PRIZE PACK! Tweet @HarrowFH or email us!

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