Monday, August 27, 2012


HARROW SPORTS would like to announce their partnership with Gateway Field Hockey. Founded and Kelly Yates, Gateway has been a huge force in the Saint Louis and the Midwest for 25 years! At Harrow we want to promote the growth of the game, and in the Midwest Gateway has been doing just that for longer than anyone in the area. Gateway's traveling summer camps have been a staple in the program, which has spread into a full year around club program, tournaments, specialized clinics, youth development programs, and year-round leagues as well. Just recently Gateway opened their own indoor Complex. For more information on Gateway check out

As part of the new partnership Harrow Sports is going to also be a sponsor for the Gateway Classic, which is over Labor Day weekend in Saint Louis. It is the LARGEST high school tournament in the country, with 48 Varsity Teams competing from across the Midwest! Harrow will be at the tournament and have made the championship t-shirts for the winners! 

 Harrow is really excited about this new partnership! 


Preseasons are over, school is starting and seasons are getting underway across the country. Hockey Power is trying to keep tabs on all of the great Field Hockey that is going on across the country on every level: Field Hockey , College, etc. 

That's where we need your help. Email us at about anything that is going on with Field Hockey in your region. We are doing our best to stay up to date, but a little help never hurt anyone! We are going to be featuring a different high school team across the country EVERY WEEK. If you want your team to be featured, reach out and let us know how your team is doing and any other information that is Hockey Power worthy. 

Reach out and Good Luck with all upcoming games!



With the recognizable double stripe in red, The Tomahawk is a new addition to Harrow's line up of Advance Field Hockey Sticks. Harrow wanted to produce a stick in our Advanced line that had all of the composition of an elite stick, but was geared for players not quite at the Elite level. The Tomahawk is going to give players a leg up on the competition with its' perfect balance of power and touch that intermediate to advanced players desire. This stick is geared for that player that is on the verge of being an elite player and is looking for a stick that isn't going to take away the control or touch that they have come accustomed to with the stick they already have.

The Tomahawk is going to be that extra "something" that every player is looking for when they come into high school or college when learning and trying new skills.

Click here to check out the TOMAHAWK
Harrow Sports :: Tomahawk Elite Field Hockey Stick


Time to bow down to the new addition to Harrow's Elite Line of  Field Hockey sticks : THE DYNASTY
The DYNASTY is the the latest addition to the Elite Line. With the recognizable double stripe, the Gold Dynasty has the traditional bow and composition that any player would love, with the power and touch of our Elite Sticks. The DYNASTY is geared for an attack-minded player that wants a forgiving stick that doesn't compromise it's power. The composition is similar to that of the TEMBO and other Elite sticks in Harrow's Line, but has the traditional bow adds an ease and comfort that players have come accustom to. If you are looking for a stick that has more power, but don't want to change the composition or bow of your traditional stick, the DYNASTY is the stick for you!

Picture above is Harrow's sponsored player, Rachel Dawson, that she tweeted after a clinic sporting the new DYNASTY. 

Click here to check out the Dynasty:


Harrow Field Hockey would like to introduce you to the RD8.

We are really excited about this new top of the line stick that was designed by and for National Team Player and Harrow Sponsored Player, Rachel Dawson. 

Similar to the TEMBO, The RD8 has top of the line composition that is going to give players extreme power and great skill due to its cutting edge "Low Bow" design. The RD8 is designed for International play for top of the line players, but that does not mean that only the top players in the world use it! When you pick up this stick, you are going to see an immediate change in your skill, power, and touch with the ball. The RD8 is not only the top stick that Harrow Produces, it is also one of the top sticks in the game! Every player that picks up this stick raves about the touch. When asked about all of the sticks that we have, Harrow's Brand Manager, Alli Tanner, raves about the RD8 saying, "this stick is such a game changer, I wish I could have played with it when I was in college!" If you are looking for that competitive edge that will put you an inch in front of the competition; at any level, the RD8 is the stick for you!

The combination of the power and touch of the RD8, makes it one of the best sticks in the game. 

Check out the RD8 here:


Harrow is Introducing some new Field Hockey sticks into its already stellar lineup of sticks. 

One of which is the new LOBO.  The LOBO has the low bow that is associated with some of our Elite sticks like the TEMBO and the RD8, but the LOBO is going to be a little more forgiving leaving the payer with a great touch on the ball. This is going to be a great stick for a player that wants a great Advanced stick, but does not need the composite power of our Elite sticks. The Low Bow design of the LOBO will enable players to upgrade their game, without having to worry about the ball deflecting too far off of their stick when receiving: giving you more control than the Elite Sticks. 

Not to mention the LOBO's graphics are extremely unique. With one side being white with orange and yellow graphics, and the other side jet black - player's will look slick on the field as well. The product is a great way to get a top of the line stick without the power of the Elite. 

Check out the Stick Here:
Harrow Sports :: LOBO torch Elite Field Hockey Stick