Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good luck

Yay the fall is here and so is field hockey season… the reason we exist and the sport we love.

With our new range of sticks the field hockey season just got even cooler. So College teams have already played their first games but the pre season standings are such:

Institution Points (first place votes in parentheses)
1. University of Maryland 966 (32)
2. University of North Carolina 939 (14)
3. University of Virginia 829 (2)
4. University of Connecticut 715
5. Syracuse University 664
6. Ohio State University 641
7. Princeton University 615 (1)
8. Penn State University 590
9. University of Michigan 527
10. American University 457
11. Wake Forest University 429
12. Old Dominion University 410
13. Michigan State University 371
14. Boston College 349
15. Duke University 328
16. University of Louisville 250
17. University at Albany 214
18. Drexel University 186
19. Boston University 170 (1)
20. Stanford University 163

It’s going to be an exciting season with so many talented teams. Who will bring home the Natty Championship? If you’re not a College field hockey fan then there’s plenty of USA field hockey to look forward to and of course national festival in November. Over the course of the season you can tweet us your scores. We will RT them for all to see. Don’t forget to @harrowfh.

So from us at Harrow, best of luck for your season and happy hockeying!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Go America. Go Harrow

Harrow got all patriotic on us whilst in Washington D.C. We did a phot shoot with two USA field hockey members. Maybe you know them? Rachel Dawson and Mel Brill? Yeah they are kind of a big deal. Well both are sporting the new Harrow sticks (out now as an early Christmas gift to you).
So in the capital of this great country we went on a little journey... As Rachel Dawson quoted, "Harrow is going places" well not only is she correct she is also our superstar super model in the shoot. Sporting the Tembo stick and Harrow field hockey glove. On the metro, fitting that it was the red line and all around D.C our Harrow girls flashed their pearly whites and Harrow equipment. We even ran into a group of adoring fans who wanted a picture with these superstars.

So enough writing already show us the pictures... Ok ok here they are.