Friday, March 8, 2013

From The Harrow Booth - 2013 National Indoor Tournament Richmond, VA

Last weekend the Harrow was at the National Indoor Tournament in Richmond, VA. The Dawson Duo of Natalie Ashman (Dawson) and Meghan Dawson, worked the event and have a lot to say about how the tournament went! Natalie was tweeting from the tournament the entire weekend posting pictures, meeting with teams, and (as always) watching great hockey! Plus they looked great doing it too!

Here is what Natalie had to say...

I LOVED working at the NIT this past weekend in Richmond, VA.  Although it was only the U19's I was still reminded about why I love this game so much.  I am so grateful to be a part of the Harrow Hockey Team.  It has given me the opportunity to again be apart of one of the greatest games on earth…Field Hockey!

Working alongside me, was my younger but much knowledgeable sister Meghan.  Meg’s currently a member of the US Training Squad as well as an awesome Harrow Sales Consultant in NJ/PA.  My mom, aka 'the Mom of all the Dawson Girls' as well as my baby sister Melanie were both there to watch two of my four children as I attended to the booth.  It was wonderful to be there with all of them for the weekend.  Just like old times, right?  

Although, I was not able to watch much of the hockey action, interacting with the players and coaches was just as much fun.  It was an awesome feeling to help someone find a stick that they love, a double down glove to help protect their already swollen knuckles or to just hang out and talk hockey with some of our young fans, errrr I mean Meg's young fans.  Yes, Meg had some young boys from the 9 or 10 year old bracket asking her to come watch their games, of course Meg obliged and I was left in the booth alone.  But when Meg came back so did the young boys and once again our booth was full. 

 It was fun to watch Steve Jennings of AU Field Hockey play around with the young guys (and an RD8).  They had no idea who they were playing with but their eyes lit up watching Steve and his skill.  How awesome to see so many young boys playing this great game!

We had a young girl who kept coming up to the booth to buy a stick with her ever so patient dad.  She finally got it on Sunday.  I called her #1 Harrow Fan of the weekend.  

Then there were the girls who gave my ego a great boost by being oh so sweet and acted really excited to have met Meg and I.  Being Rachel Dawson's sister is a big deal it seems…:-)  

I met a future Hawkeye who was SUPER COOL and caught up with a few former Hawks!  Saw a few of my former USA teammates - all those hugs are priceless!  Visited with coaches that have been my US coaches (Tess and Steve) and coaches that I have always admired through the years (Karen that’s your shout out!)

I saw fathers standing at one end of a field gently yelling out to their daughters to go with more speed.  There was something so familiar about them that I had to do a double take.  It could have been my dad.  Well, don't you know that those fathers were from my high school in NJ.  It was nice to see that somethings never change!

But most of all I saw growth in the game.  More parents.  More players.  More teams.  More guys playing and loving hockey.  

At the end of the weekend I met a young girl who is committed to the University of Maryland and is so excited to be a Terp.  In her eyes I saw the excitement and dedication that I once held before heading to Iowa.  

I look forward to my next tournament.  And to the unique experience it will be! 

 Natalie Dawson-Ashman 

Friday, February 22, 2013

International Indoor Tournament

On February 16th and 17th HarrowFH Team Member and Sales Consultant, Maren Langford, traveled to Festerville, PA to check out the International Indoor Tournament.  The weekend was filled with great play, competitive teams, and of course Harrow Equipment!

 Here is what she had to say,

The International Indoor Tournament was a huge success. Six pools (Men's, Women's University, U19, U16 and U14) completed over two days to be names the 2013 International Indoor Champions. Teams from Canada joined the mix, as well as officials from Austria, USA, and Trinidad and Tobago. Across three indoor courts the teams battled it out in regulation, some overtime and even into strokes. Congratulations to Men's Division Toronto Titans, Women's Division Team STX, University Division University of Maryland, U19 XCalibur Gryphons, U16 X Calibur Justice, and U14 XCalibur Braveheart for winning their division. 

A special shout out goes to the Gaels Field Hockey Club from Severna Park for keeping me company at the booth and trying out all the awesome Harrow Sticks! I hope you love your new sticks and check out instagram to see your picture. 

The Cougars were also looking sharp in their custom uniforms. A little blast from the past; a classy polo added a sophisticated feel to the group and all were complimentary on how great they looked!
 We will see you all at the NIT, just in time to check out our new indoor sticks :) 

Maren Langford

The Tournament was hosted by the Big Apple Hockey Program and included Men's, Women's and Collegiate Pools. For more information about the Big Apple Hockey Program check out,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Festival in the Eyes of the Harrow


From the Eyes of Harrow Field Hockey Team

I think I speak for the entire HarrowFH Team when I say say, WOW do we wish we were still in Florida! It was such an amazing week filled with fun, laughter, hard work, and of course (what brought us all together in the first place) FIELD HOCKEY! 

The Harrow Team came from Connecticut, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania  and Florida to come and work the tournament. As hard as it was for us to be in such hard weather conditions; with all of the  sun, barely any clouds, and close to perfect weather, we made it through and had one of the most successful Festival's in Harrow's history!  Our goal for this tournament was to create a fun environment that players and spectators would want to come to not only check out great gear and equipement, but also come to hang out. For those of you that visited the Harrow Tent, thanks for stopping by! We hope you had as much fun as we did this past week. 

In fact we had so much fun that we decided to document our week for you avid HarrowFH Followers. ENJOY!


Meghan Dawson showing off her stick skills in FLL Airport
PGA Resort
  We all arrived into Florida on Monday mid-day and were more than excited to get the weekend going. Harrow Team member, Meghan Dawson, was the most excited so she decided to fly into Fort Lauderdale early to  start the welcome wagon. Needless to say by 3pm, the airport may have gotten the best of her. She greeted the rest of the HarrowFH Team in the baggage claim while showing off her stick skills to the Fort Lauderdale Baggage claim.  No Ball? That would never stop Meghan, contact solution is a great substitute. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

  Once we had gotten the rest of the group together we all jumped in the giant white "SUPER CLUB WAGON" aka the Harrow-Mobile and drove to West Palm to pick up the rest of the crew and head to our hotel.

Woke up early morning and headed to the field with the whole gang to set up the tents. For those of you that were at Festival and were able to witness the Taj Mahal of Festival Booths that was the Harrow Booth, you wont be surprised to hear that it was comprised of pallets, 3 tents, a 20 x 15 piece of turf, 64 boxes of apparel, 21 Tables,  and took 12 HOURS to set up in entirety. Once the entire site was put together, we closed up tent and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the first day of Festival!

Wednesday we went back to back to tent to finalize all of the apparel and take merchandise to the hotel to sell. Once we got to the Embassy Suites, which was where all of the teams had to register and sign-in for the tournament, we set up our booth and sold some of the official merchandise that we had put together for Festival. We were overwhelmed by the great response to the gear, and were getting more and more excited for Festival to officially begin.
Those of us in the Field Hockey community are used to spending our Thanksgivings playing Field Hockey on polo fields; but to others, it might be a little strange. Either way, we decided as a team that the best way to celebrate would be to all wear matching outfits to show how thankful we were for Field Hockey, Harrow, and of course TURKEY. 

Rachel and one of her biggest fans, Gracie
the "FUN ZONE"

Let the madness begin!

Rachel Dawson's Thanksgiving Tweet "I'm Thankful for field hockey, family, friends, food, family, and HARROW" 

Even though the tent was CRAZY for the entire day, we still had time to think about the many things that we were all thankful for. After a long day, we all gathered together and gave thanks over a great turkey dinner!

After the first long day, the team headed back to the Polo Fields for the second day of competition. Dani Forword, the assistant brand manager, favorite holiday is Black Friday, so we decided to have a special deal in the tent on all black apparel items.  Highlight of day however went to the many fans that came to see Rachel Dawson and get her autograph. None were as cute as little Abby, pictured below. Rachel was able to show her some stick skills in the Harrow Fun Zone.

 The Fundamental Field Hockey, which has been put together by USA Field Hockey and Harrow, is a program that has been established to promote the growth of Field Hockey through youth development programs across the country. Harrow has donated equipment for each site, and USA Field Hockey used some of that equipment at Festival for pick-up games for not only siblings of girls playing, but anyone that wanted to pick up a stick and play. It was great to see so much Harrow represented for such a great cause! Not to mention all of the brothers of girls playing that came to show off their skills as well!

The week had gone by so quickly that it was hard to believe that is was the last day of Festival! It was so great to see old teammates, kids that we had coached previously, and extended hockey-family members. Even the Florida Gators wanted a piece of the Festival-action! On Saturday, we got word that there was a 12-foot gator on the prowl and to watch out. Alli Tanner, Brand manager, and Margie Curran, Harrow employee from Denver, went out searching for the Gator at one point. Festival must have gotten to them just as the baggage claim in the Fort Lauderdale Airport had gotten to Meghan Dawson. 

Congrats to all of the champions that were given their awards on Saturday! Our tent was in the perfect location to hear all of the teams being announced. 

It was also Erin Hanshue's , Harrow Sales Consultant from Pennsylvania  Birthday! The HarrowFH Team celebrated the end of the crazy week with a birthday celebration, Oreo cake and all. 
Not only were the members of our HarrowFH team working the tent all week, some of them were also playing on Adult teams for the week. 
Alli Tanner, Meghan Dawson, and Elizabeth Stephens played on a Women's Adult team "Second Effort".  Their last game was Saturday morning and ended in a shoot-out. It was a great chance for the girls to get out and play again, but left them with the reality that their days of playing may be in the past and left with more muscle soreness than their worst days in previous preseasons. 

Rachel Dawson played on a Co-Ed team, "FH Life" and showed off her skills with her RD8. Still in her prime, it was great to be able to watch Rachel play for fun with and against old and current teammates. 

If we thought putting up the tent was long, taking down the tent was just as strenuous, especially figuring out how to transport our giant piece of turf - which got a new name by the end of the day "BURRITO".  It took at least 6 of us to be able to pick up the giant burrito of turf, and may have broken a International Polo Club golf cart, but you didn't hear it from us. 


On Monday we all said our good-byes to the horrible Florida weather and made our way to the airport. To everyone that came by the Harrow tent, THANK YOU. We were overwhelmed by the support that we received this past week and hope to continue to promote and support the sport that all lead us to work at Harrow. We love being able to support the game at all levels and represent USA Field Hockey the way that we do - through you all. 

signing out: Team HarrowFH

Friday, November 2, 2012




The Tar Heels face Wake Forrest 10/2 at1pm 
Other Semi-Final games are between Duke and Maryland

The Dukes take on Hofstra 10/2 at 1pm and will face Northeastern 10/3 at 2:30pm 

Syracuse takes on Providence tonight, 10/2 at 5pm. 
The Big East Tournament is at Sunday, 10/4 at noon. 

Columbia will take on Harvard tomorrow, 10/3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Rankings as of October 23, 2012



Princeton defeated the only undefeated team left in the Division I NCAA Field Hockey last weekend in Harrow's Spotlight Game of the week. They did not just beat the UConn Huskies, they made a statement reinforcing their #2 Ranking, which a score of 4-1. As seasons continue to wind down, Princeton will definitely be a team to look out for in NCAA post-season play!

UPSET OF THE WEEK: UNRANKED LOUISVILLE upsets OHIO STATE moving them down 3 spots in the Rankings this week

- The two teams that were undefeated the Longest  will face off this

#4 U CONN vs. #3 SYRACUSE 
OCTOBER 27th @ 1pm

October 29th @ 4pm



1. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA (16-1): UNC battled Maryland this past weekend in a re-match of last year's National Championship game, and came back from behind to beat the Terrapins 4-3 in OT. UNC has been tested in OT the past two weekends, and will be facing the Old Dominion Monarchs this weekend for their last home regular season game this weekend. 

2. PRINCETON (13-1): Princeton played UConn in the SPOTLIGHT GAME of the week this past weekend and defeated the undefeated Huskies 4-1. Princeton will take on Cornell this week and #7 Virginia this weekend. It should be a tough battle between two of these top ranked teams trying to make once last impact in the rankings before regular season comes to an end. 

3. SYRACUSE (15-1): Syracuse's game against UConn is being featured as this upcoming week's SPOTLIGHT GAME. These two teams were undefeated the longest in the Top 25 this regular season, and will be a great battle for a last minute move in the rankings before the post-season begins! 

4. UCONN (16-1): Even though they were beat by Princeton 4-1 this past week, the Huskies have a another chance to move up in the rankings when they play #3 Syracuse this weekend in the SPOTLIGHT GAME of the week. 

5. PENN STATE UNIVERSITY (13-3): Up two spots from last week after wins over Ohio State and Bucknell, the Nittany Lions will take on #21 Michigan State this weekend for a Big10 battle. This game will be important for Big10 rankings going into post-season play!

6. University of Maryland (12-4): The Terps stayed put this week after a 3-4 OT loss to the UNC Tar Heels. Every time these two teams meet it is always a toss-up as to who is going to putt out the win. Maryland will move on this weekend to face Rutgers in their last game of the regular season. 

7. University of Virginia (14-3): The Cavaliers moved down two spots this week despite beating ACC rival Wake Forest 4-0. They will have a tough weekend of competition coming up when they face #22 Duke University and #2 Princeton in one of the spotlight games of the week. These games will be a great chance for UVA to move up in the rankings before their ACC conference championships begin next week. 

8. NORTHWESTERN (16-2): The Wildcats stayed put this week after two wins this past weekend. For their last regular season game, they will take on the #12 Iowa Hawkeyes! 

9. OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY (12-4): ODU has also stayed put this week after wins over Kent and Ball State this past weekend. The Monarchs will travel to take on the #1 Tar Heels this weekend. The rivalry between the coaches is just as competitive between that of the girls, so this will be a tough game. I'm sure would love to end the Tar Heels' regular season play with a loss at home on their senior day in her last season coaching. 

10. NORTHEASTERN (12-4): Despite their loss in OT 3-4 to Boston University this past weekend, Northeastern has stayed put this week. They will take on, now #23 Ranked, Drexel this weekend for their last regular season game. 

11. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE (13-3): Lafayette stayed put as well and will be taking of Georgetown and Lehigh this weekend for their last regular season games. 

12. UNIVERSITY OF IOWA (12-4) : The Hawkeyes will take on #8 Northwestern and #14 Michigan for their last regular season games. These games should be a good chance for Iowa to move in the rankings before post-season. 

13. STANFORD UNIVERSITY (11-6):  Stanford is up one spot from last week after wins over UC Davis and California, which were their last two games of the regular season. Since they do not have a game this week, it will be interesting to see where they end up after this weekend's other contests. 

14. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (11-5): The Wolverines are up one spot from last week and will be facing #5 Penn State for a tough Big10 battle. This game presents a great opportunity for Michigan to move up in the rankings before Big10 conference championship play starts next week. 

15. BOSTON UNIVERSITY (10-6) : Surprised to see Boston University down two spots this week after a big upset over Northeastern 4-3 in OT. The Terriers did suffer a 0-1 Loss to University of New Hampshire last weekend as well, but it seemed to help them in their contest against Northeastern the next day. BU will take on Fairfield and Yale this weekend for their last two regular season contests. 

16. BOSTON COLLEGE (9-8) : The Eagles stayed put this week in the rankings after suffering two losses to #4 UConn and #3 Syracuse. BC will take on Wake Forest for their last regular season game. 

TIE #16 UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND (13-4): Richmond has had a good week and has moved up one spot as a result. They will be facing La Salle and Lock Haven this weekend for their last two regular season games. 

18. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS (10-8): Umass has kept the spirit from their big upset going and have moved up one spot from last week after two wins.  They will take on Lock Haven and Temple this weekend for their last regular season games. 

19. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (9-7): Moved up a THREE spots this week in the rankings after beating BU and winning 2-1 in OT against Providence this past weekend. UNH will face Maine and Dartmouth this weekend for their last regular season games. 

20. UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY (10-7): Albany moved up THREE spots as well this week, after beating Yale and Maine. They will take on Vermont this weekend for their last regular season game. 

21. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY (10-8): Michigan State is down one spot this week after losing to Northwestern and pulling out an over time win over unranked, Central Michigan 2-1. The Spartans will take on #5 Penn State this weekend for their last regular season game. 

22. DUKE UNIVERSITY (7-9): Duke is up two spots from last week and will have a tough ACC battle this weekend against #7 Virginia. This game will be a great chance for the Blue Devils to move up in the rankings before ACC Championship play starts next week. 

23. DREXEL UNIVERSITY (11-6): Drexel had the biggest drop in the rankings this week, moving down 4 spots. Drexel will take on Hofstra and Northeastern this weekend, which will be a good chance for them to move up in the rankings before post-season play starts next week. 

24. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (9-7): Ohio state is down 3 spots this week after suffering an a loss by un-ranked Louisville in OT this past weekend. The Buckeyes will close regular season play with a game against Indiana University. 

25. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE (10-8):  Maine is back into the 25 after being bumped out the past week. Maine will take on #19 University of New Hampshire this weekend for their last game of regular season play. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



NFHCA Rankings as of Oct.16 



 UMass had a  HUGE upset over the previously ranked #1 Team, Syracuse this weekend. Beating Syracuse 2-1, took the Minutewomen out of unranked territory and up to the #19 spot. 


#2 PRINCETON vs. the Undfeated #4 UCONN

Biggest Jump in the Rankings: 
- Umass: Unranked --> #19
- Boston College: #24 -->#16   (+8)

Biggest Drop in the Rankings: 
- Drexel:  #15 --> #18  (-3)
- Ohio State: #18 --> #21  (-3)
- Wake Forest: #22 --> #25   (-3)

1. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA (15-1) : There is a new #1 this week! Back up in the top spot is the North Carolina Tar Heels. After defeating the UVA Cavaliers in this week's Harrow Spotlight game, The Tar Heels have moved up in the polls. UNC will take Maryland this weekend in a re-match of last year's National Championship Game. It should be a battle filled with emotion for a lot of the Tar Heels as well as the Terapins. These two teams have seen each other in the National Championship Game for the past three years. 

2. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY (11-1):  Up one spot from last week after Syracuse's fall in the ranks, the Tigers had a great weekend with two wins. This weekend the Tigers will face #4 UConn in the Spotlight game of the week. UConn is the ONLY undefeated team in the Top25 right now, so it will be a great game to watch!

3. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY (13-1) : Syracuse suffered their first lost to unranked UMass this weekend, knocking them out of the top spot in the Rankings. Syracuse finished up their weekend with a win over Stanford as well, but it will be interesting to see what this does to the mental state of the team. Everyone knows you learn the most from a loss, so this could be a good thing for Syracuse looking towards Post-Season play. 

4. UCONN (15-0):  The Huskies stay put this weekend and remain to be the ONLY UNDEFEATED team in the Top 25. That record is going to be tested with a tough weekend of competition taking on #2 Princeton, in the Spotlight Game of the Week, and #16 Boston College, who had the largest jump after last week's competition. 

5. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA (13-3): Even though the Cavaliers lots in OT to the Tar Heels this weekend, there was no sign of weakness. The Cavaliers played a tough game putting their defense under a lot of pressure with their offensive strength. UVA takes on #25 Wake Forest this weekend. 

6. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (11-3) - The Terps played in other one of our spotlighted games this past weekend against, ODU and pulled out a 5-2 win over the Monarchs. Maryland will take on the UNC Tar Heels this weekend in a re-match of last year's National Championship game. It will be an emotional game for both teams, they have battled in the final National Championship game for the past three years. Every time these teams meet, it is always a battle.

7. PENN STATE (12-3) - Penn State is coming off of a win over #12 Iowa this past weekend and will be playing Ohio State this weekend. 

8. NORTHWESTERN (14-2) - The Wildcats have moved up another spot this week and will look to take on Michigan State and Missouri State. It is our prediction that the Wildcats will continue to inch their way up the Rankings. 

9. OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY (11-4) - The Monarch fell in the rankings this week after a loss to the Terapins this past weekend. ODU will play James Madison and William and Mary this weekend. 

10. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY (11-3) - Northeastern has stayed put this week in the Rankings but suffered a loss to the Boston College Eagles. They will take on Hofstra this weekend. 

11. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE (12-1) - Lafayette moved up three spots from last week after beating Bucknell and Rutgers this past weekend. The Leopards take on Holy Cross on the 20th. 

12. UNIVERSITY OF IOWA (12-1) - The Hawkeyes are down this week one spot after a win over Drexel and suffering a 1-5 Loss to Penn State this past weekend. Iowa will take on Kent State and Ball State this weekend. 

13. BOSTON UNIVERSITY (9-5) - The Terriers have moved down one spot as well this week after falling to Hofstra 0-1. Boston will take on #22 New Hampshire and #10 Northeastern this weekend to hope and move back up the rankings. 

14. STANFORD UNIVERSITY (9-6) - Down one spot from last week, Stanford fell this weekend to two of the top teams (UConn and Syracuse), but will look to change their luck this weekend when they take on Pacific and UC Davis. Stanford had a really close game to UConn, only losing by one goal. 

15. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (9-5) - The Wolverines are up one spot after a big win over rival Michigan State. Michigan will take on Indiana and Miami this weekend. 

16. BOSTON COLLEGE (9-6) - The Eagles defeated Northeastern and moved up 8 SPOTS, giving them the highest jump in this week's Rankings. Boston College will take on Syracuse and Connecticut this weekend. 

17. UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND (10-4) - The Spiders stayed put this week, and have a long week ahead facing JMU, St.Joe's, and Temple. 

18. DREXEL (11-5) Drexel is down three spots this week and will take on Delaware this weekend. 

19. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS (8-8) The Game heard around the NCAA, UMass defeated the #1 ranked Syracuse moving them up to the #19 spot. 



22. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (7-7) UNH is down two spots this week 


24. DUKE UNIVERSITY (6-9) - Duke is back in the rankings this week after being Unranked. 

25. WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY (6-8) Down three spots this week, The Demon Deacons will look to make up for it when they take on #5 UVA

Wednesday, October 10, 2012





- LARGEST RISE IN RANKINGS: Richmond up FIVE spots from last week
- LARGEST DROP IN RANKINGS: Wake Forest down FIVE spots from last week

Games to look forward to this weekend
- #6 Maryland vs. ODU
- Stanford takes on BOTH undefeated teams in top 25: #1 Syracuse and #4 UConn (upset?)
- RIVALRY GAME: #16 Michigan vs. #19 Michigan State

1. Syracuse University (12-0) - Still Undefeated, will play #13 Stanford and UMass this weekend. 

2. University of North Carolina (14-1) Will host University of Virginia this weekend in our SPOTLIGHT GAME this Saturday at home. The game will also be their "Turn It Pink Game" 

3. Princeton University (10-1)- Up one spot from last week, and will be playing Brown this weekend. 

4. University of Connecticut (13-0) - Undefeated, but move down one spot this week. The Huskies will face Georgetown this weekend. 

5. University of Virginia (13-2)  - After beating Maryland, the Cavaliers broken out of their tie with Maryland and secured the #5 spot, just in time before they face the #2 Tar Heels this weekend in our SPOTLIGHT GAME

6. University of Maryland (9-3) - Coming off of an ACC loss, the Terapins have hit the #6 spot this week. The Terapins will play #8 Old Dominion this weekend - another tough game!

7. Penn State University (11-3) - Beat California 6-2 this past week, and have stayed put at the #7 spot for this week. They face the #11 Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend. 

8. Old Dominion University (10-3) - The Monarchs have moved up two spots this week They have a tough weekend ahead facing ACC Teams Duke and Maryland.  

9. Northwestern University (12-2) - The Wildcats have stayed put this week at the #9 spot, but I think deserve to be higher! They will face Indiana and Central Michigan this weekend. 

10. Northeastern University (10-2) - Down two spots from last week, Northeastern will face #24 Boston College and #25 Maine this weekend. 

11. University of Iowa (9-3)  - The Hawkeyes have stayed put this week after an overtime win over Indiana (2-1) last week. This week they will face #7 Penn State for a tough battle! 

12. Boston University (8-4) - BU has stayed put as well this week after a win over Vermont (4-2). This week the Terriers will face Hofstra and newly ranked, #25 Maine. 

13. Stanford University (9-4) - Coming off a win over UC Davis, Stanford has moved up one spot from last week. They have a tough weekend ahead, facing #1 Syracuse and  #4 UConn, both teams are undefeated - could Stanford serve one or both of these teams with an upset?

14. Lafayette College (10-1) - Down one spot from last week, Lafayette is coming off of a win over Colgate. They will be facing Bucknell and Rutgers this weekend, both of which are unranked. 

15. Drexel University (10-4) - Down three spots from last week after losing to ODU and beating William and Mary. Looking forward, Drexel hopes to move back up the rankings after their competition this weekend against #11 Iowa and Columbia. 

16. University of Michigan (7-5) - Down one spot from last week after losing 4-1 to Northwestern. This week they will face rivals Michigan State and Ohio State. 

17. University of Richmond (8-4) - Have had the LARGEST jump this week moving up FIVE spots. The Spiders will face VCU and Saint Louis University, both of which are unranked, this weekend. 

18. Ohio State University (9-5) - Down two spots from last week, the Buckeyes will face Michigan this weekend. 

19. Michigan State University (8-6) - Up one spot this week, Michigan State will face rival #16 Michigan as well as Kent State this weekend. 

20. University of New Hampshire (6-6) - Down one spot from last week, UNH will face Vermont and #24 Boston College this weekend. 

21. College of William & Mary (10-4) - Even though the Tribes' ranking has not changed from last week, they are coming off of a loss to #15 Drexel and a big win over previously ranked Towson 4-3 in OT. This week the will take on #22 Wake Forest for a ranking battle!

22. Wake Forest University (4-7) - The Demon Deacons have had the biggest drop this week, moving down FIVE spots. They will face #21 William and Mary and previously ranked, Louisville this weekend. 

23. University at Albany (6-7) - Have moved down one spot from last week. The will face Fairfield and Lehigh this weekend. 

24. Boston College (7-6) - The Eagles have moved up one spot this week after a loss to UNC 6-1. This weekend they face #10 Northeastern and #20 New Hampshire, which will be the perfect chance to continue their path upward in the rankings!

25. University of Maine (8-5)  - New to the rankings this week, the Black Bear's new ranking will be tested quickly when they face #10 Northeastern and #12 Boston University this weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



The New Rankings for this week have been posted on
Ranking Colors:

1. Syracuse University - Still Undefeated and take on UMass and Providence this weeekend 
2. University of North Carolina- Travel to Boston to take on newly ranked, Boston College #25 and Harvard. 
3. University of Connecticut - Previously Ranked #5, Currently undefeated. Play Mass on Wednesday and Louisville this weekend. 
4. Princeton University -  Even though they are technically down in the rankings, they had a big win over Maryland 3-2 this past tuesday, Oct 2nd. The Tigers play American this weekend.  
5. University of Maryland - Suffered a loss of Princeton on Oct.2nd. The Terps take on the Duke Blue Devils this weekend. 
Tie. University of Virginia - The Cavaliers are up this week from being previously ranked #7. This weekend they will host Yale and New Hampshire. 
7. Penn State- Penn State is down just one spot this week and will be playing California this weekend. 
8. Northeastern University-  Northeastern is up one spot in the rankings this week and will take on harvard and Delaware this week. 
9. Northwestern University- Northwestern had a BIG win over OT Win over Penn State last weekend, which played a big part in their ranking change from #10 last week. The Wildcats take on #15 Michigan this weekend. 
10. Old Dominion University- ODU is down from #8 this week. The Monarchs take on #18 Drexel and Towson this weekend. 
11. University of Iowa
12. Boston University
13. Lafayette College- Up one spot this week. Lafayette takes on Penn and Colgate this week. 
14. Stanford University- Down one sport from last week, Stanford looks forward to home games aginst UC Davis and Pacific
15. University of Michigan- Michigan is up two spots this week and will be taking on #9 Northwestern this weeekend. 
16. Ohio State- The Buckeyes are up two spots this week and will be facing Michigan State and Ball State this weekend. 
Tie. Wake Forest- The Demon Deacons have moved from a Tie for the #15 spot, to a tie for a #16 spot this week. The face Ohio this weekend. 
18. Drexel University- Drexel is up two spots this week from #20. The face a tough weekend with games against #21 William & Mary and #10 Old Dominion University 
19. University of New Hampshire- Down four spots from last week. UNH takes on Virginia and Albany this weekend. 
20. Michigan State University - The Spartans are up two spots from last week and will be playing Ohio and Ohio State this weekend. 
21. College of William & Mary- Down two spots from last week, the Tribe takes on Towson and Drexel this weekend. 
22. University at Albany- Albany is up one spot from last week and will be taking on UNH and Columbia. 
Tie. University of Richmond- NEW TO THE TOP 25 THIS WEEK, The Spiders look to take on Villanova and UMass this weekend. 
24. Duke University- The Blue Devils are down three spots this week from #21. Duke takes on Maryland for an ACC Match-Up
25. Boston College- the Eagles are NEW TO THE TOP 25 THIS WEEK. BC will take on Northeastern and UNC this weekend. 


Harrow/NFHCA Coaches Clinic


Recently, Harrow Sports has signed on to be the sponsor for the NFHCA's Coaching Clinic Program. Harrow has been a partner of NFHCA for a long time, and we are excited to be able to not only support the All-American Program (since 2009) and be the apparel provider for the NFHCA Executive Board (Since 2007), but now being able to give back in a new way with Coaches Clinics. 

Harrow is determined to promote and support the growth of Field Hockey in the US, and that starts with the continued education for Coaches. It has been said many times that once you play Field Hockey, you may not believe it at the time, but at one point you will either continue to play at a higher level, be a coach, or find yourself participating in some form of way that has to do with the sport. At Harrow, we believe that great coaches are the best way to promote and continue to expand the sport that we all love, because one day you may be one yourself!

The next coaching clinic coming up is: 

JANUARY 15, 2013
9am - 5pm


Clinic Topics Include: 

Individual Defense
Attack Movement & Shooting
Attack & Defense Corner Set-Ups
Video Set-ups

Registration opens up Mid-October - Member Coaches will receive email alert when registration opens.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Their Rankings may have switched, but...